About me . . .


An award-winning fiction writer and poet, I'm the author of seven Martin Preuss mysteries: In the House of Night (2020), Cold Dark Lies (2019), An Uncertain Accomplice (2018), The Forgotten Child (2017), Guilt in Hiding (2016), The Baker’s Men (2014), and Crimes of Love (2011).

My newest novels, Savage City (2021) and The Arsenal of Deceit, blend history and fiction during 1932 and 1941 Detroit. 

I'm also the author of The House of Grins (1992), a novel; and two books of poetry, In Praise of Old Photographs (2005) and New Year’s Tangerine (2007). My poetry and fiction have appeared in numerous print and e-journals.

At various times I have worked as a warehouseman, theatre manager, advertising copywriter, scriptwriter, video producer, and political speechwriter. I am retired dean of the faculty and Professor of English at the former Marygrove College in Detroit. I live in Ferndale, Michigan, the setting for the Preuss series.