Donald Levin

About me


An award-winning fiction writer and poet, I'm the author of six Martin Preuss mysteries: Cold Dark Lies (2019), An Uncertain Accomplice (2018), The Forgotten Child (2017), Guilt in Hiding (2016), The Baker’s Men (2014), and Crimes of Love (2011). Book #7 in the series is under way.

I'm also the author of The House of Grins (1992), a novel; and two books of poetry, In Praise of Old Photographs (2005) and New Year’s Tangerine (2007). My poetry and fiction have appeared in numerous print and e-journals.

At various times I have worked as a warehouseman, theatre manager, advertising copywriter, scriptwriter, video producer, and political speechwriter. I am retired dean of the faculty and Professor Emeritus of English at Marygrove College in Detroit. My wife, artist Suzanne Allen, and I split our time between Florida and Ferndale, Michigan (the setting for the Preuss series).