Please join me to celebrate the release of my newest novel, The Arsenal of Deceit, at a hybrid event on Saturday, September 9, from 2 until 4 p.m. at the Color | Ink Studio in Hazel Park and simulcast on Zoom. 

In an interactive conversation with in-person and online participants moderated by author Andrew Lark, I'll talk about how I developed and researched the book, where the ideas and characters came from, and what its relevance is to today's world. I'll give a reading and sign copies for in-person attendees, and take orders from online participants. 

The new book follows four characters who unite against the fascist treachery that threatens America's "arsenal of democracy" on the brink of WWII:

Eva Szabó is a young Jewish immigrant from Hungary who goes undercover at the Ford Rouge Assembly plant to expose the company's campaign of anti-union violence. Her boss, private investigator Elizabeth Waters, infiltrates Detroit's pro-Nazi, Christian nationalist fifth column groups. Police detective Clarence Brown, now part of a segregated squad of Black officers, uncovers a conspiracy to ignite racial violence across the city. And Detroit police detective sergeant Denny Rankin seeks the links between them all to atone for his part in Detroit's widespread corruption scandals.

Early reviews have been stellar. The Prairies Book Review said, "The novel is more than a poignant human drama--it aims to recreate a rich historical period with chilling parallels to our own time: violence and bloodshed in the name of race and class, government corruption, corporate greed--much of it related to or caused by the deeply rooted fascism which is alive and well in today's time as well."

Peter Werbe, author of Eat the Rich and Other Interesting Ideas and Summer on Fire: A Detroit Novel, said, "Donald Levin has done it again. As with his Savage City novel set in Detroit in 1932, Arsenal of Deceit breathes life into Motor City history on the eve of World War II. His characters wind through a maze of official corruption and deceit trying to stop a Nazi-inspired race war while fighting their own personal battles. Real life pro-Hitler figures plot while those of Levin's invention constitute the progressive forces standing in the way of catastrophe."

The Historical Fiction Company said, "This book, rich in historical detail and brimming with themes of freedom and tolerance, is a must-read for history enthusiasts and advocates for social justice."

The reviewer for Readers' Favorites called The Arsenal of Deceit "exemplary historical fiction . . . . The depth and range of the plot and [Levin's] characters make this book a fascinating read from start to finish.” 

This event is free, with registration is required for both in-person and Zoom attendance. Just click on the “Register” button  for more information and to register.

Color | Ink Studio, is located at 20919 John R, south of 8 Mile Road in Hazel Park. 

Announcing a new booksigning

Saturday, September 9
2 – 4 pm EDT

Color | Ink Studio & Gallery
20919 John R Rd.
Hazel Park, MI 48030